The Soaking Life

The Pursuit of Health, Good Food and Hot Water

August 28, 2013
by Anne Tourney
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Conundrum Hot Springs: Discovering the Mystique

A soak in Conundrum Hot Springs is anything but an afternoon at the neighborhood spa. The mystique of this Colorado gem comes from a number of sources: its remote setting, its stunning alpine scenery and its clothing-optional status, to name … Continue reading

May 14, 2012
by Anne Tourney
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Indian Hot Springs Resort, Idaho Springs, Colorado

“Chthonic” isn’t an adjective that pops into my head very often, but it’s the word that came to mind the first time I entered the geothermal caves at Indian Hot Springs. As I stepped into the underground geothermal baths, I … Continue reading

February 7, 2012
by Guest Blogger
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Aguas Calientes de Madre Tierra

We are  pleased to present a guest blog by Jan Marie Smith, our water yoga instructor.  Jan is a 30-year aquatic professional who offers aquatic movement workshops, children’s and adults’ swimming classes, private swim clinics and water yoga classes throughout … Continue reading

December 20, 2011
by Anne Tourney
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Sand Dunes Swimming Pool: Hooper, Colorado

Our first visit to the Sand Dunes Pool was a lucky accident. One snowy night, after setting off down a narrow rural highway for an after-dark soak at a hot spring spa about 50 miles from home, we realized that … Continue reading

October 13, 2011
by Anne Tourney
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Valley View Hot Springs: Colorado’s Naturist Paradise

Accommodations To preserve the serene beauty of Valley View, the Orient Land Trust limits the number of guests and the length of their stays. Members who contribute to the non-profit trust may reserve space up to 3 months in advance, … Continue reading