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The Terme di Sirmione and its Miraculous Waters

Featuring Guest Blogger Sophia Knowles

We are pleased to feature a guest blog by Sophia Knowles, who presents our first article on the geothermal waters of Italy:

Hello everybody! My name is Sophia, a newly-born travel blogger with a strong passion for foreign languages and cultures! I’m a student of Literature currently studying at the University of Edinburgh. I love travelling and sharing my experiences in my blog For me travelling is food for the soul, and the sentence that better describes my thought is definitely “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

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The town of Sirmione, located on Lake Garda, is an important tourist destination in Italy thanks to its thermal spas. In fact, the Terme di Sirmione complex is well known worldwide for its precious waters, whose curative effects have been appreciated since the Roman Empire.

Terme di Sirmione includes the Catullo Spa Complex, the Virgilio Spa Complex and the Thermal Wellness Centre Aquaria. Here you can spend some relaxing time enjoying the physical and mental benefits of spa treatments, important to promote a psycho-physical balance. Currently, the Terme di Sirmione company handles all the thermal activities offered in this area.

The view from Aquaria's outdoor pool is especially magnificent at sunset.

I spent a very special weekend in Aquaria, a clean and comfortable thermal wellness centre, which offers both indoor and outdoor pools. The indoor pools are very inviting and relaxing, but I strongly recommend that you try the outdoor swimming pools, as well. In my opinion the best pool is the one at the end of the centre, where you can enjoy a magnificent view of Lake Garda, especially at sunset, when the splendid waning sunlight makes the atmosphere magic.

Along with its pools, the centre offers saunas, experience showers, and steam baths for an unforgettable visit. There are also sensorial relaxing areas, including the Salt Room, the Music Room and the Starry Sky, each with its own particular characteristics. All this is not enough for you? Consider booking a massage or having a restful whirlpool bath.

The thermal waters are ideal for easing sore joints and muscles.

Why is the Terme di Sirmione so appreciated? The thermal waters that flow in Sirmione originate in the basin of Mount Baldo, at about 800 metres above sea level. The water draws its therapeutic properties from the minerals in the rocks. The peculiarity of these waters comes from their chemical composition: sulphur, bromine, iodine and sodium, plus elements such as chromium, iron, lithium, nickel, selenium, potassium and zinc. These mineral elements provide healing benefits for the respiratory tract, the musculoskeletal system, and the skin.

Positive effects have been observed in the use of thermal waters to reduce the symptoms of various allergies and dermatological problems. In addition, pouring from its source at the temperature of 69° C, Sirmione’s warm water is perfect for pain relief and muscle relaxation as well as the treatment of respiratory ailments and rheumatisms.

The minerals in these waters offer healing benefits for the skin, respiratory tract, and joints.

If you want to spend some relaxing time in this beautiful locality on the Garda Lake, Sirmione offers comfortable hotel accommodation. There are three hotels in the zone that provide customers with an internal thermal spa, fully equipped rooms and highly specialized staff.

For your wellness stay I suggest you choose between the elegant five-star “Grand Hotel Terme,” the four-star “Hotel Sirmione e Promessi Sposi,” or visit the three-star “Hotel Fonte Boiola.” The resorts offer a wide range of massages and cosmetic treatments. The thermal water therapies and mud baths are particularly indicated to treat skin imperfections.

All of the medical therapies are followed by medical personnel who are at the disposal of the guests. In addition, at the Virgilio and Catullo thermal spas, you can have a medical consultation to choose the thermal treatment that best fit your needs.

For more information about Lake Garda and its healing waters, please see Sophia’s travel blog

Text and photos copyright Sophia Knowles, 2014

Author: Anne Tourney

I am a registered nurse and freelance writer who specializes in health and nutrition topics. I have a background in medical-surgical nursing, behavioral health and geriatric nursing. My special interests include alternative health, massage and, of course, balneotherapy.

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